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Pacific Foundation for Medical Care

The Pacific Foundation for Medical Care is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving patient access to physicians. We are part of the California Foundation for Medical Care, one of the largest preferred provider organizations in California, with more than 35,000 physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers throughout the state.

The PFMC Network

Membership in the PFMC network brings many benefits to physicians and other health care providers. We offer no-risk, fee-for-service contracts and reimburse our members at rates well above Medicare.

PFMC Grants

The PFMC Foundation, on behalf of its member physicians, is proud to award grants for improving medical care to various nonprofit community organizations throughout our service area.

PFMC’s mission is to improve patient access to physicians. We fulfill this mission by:

Developing and offering broad provider networks.
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Negotiating equitable fee-for-service reimbursement for health care services.
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Promoting affordable, quality health care and patient freedom of choice.
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Awarding grants to health care organizations.
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One of our main goals is to to keep the private practice of medicine solvent.
– Dan Lightfoot, MD, PFMC President