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PFMC Grants

The PFMC Foundation, on behalf of its member physicians, is proud to award grants for improving medical care to various nonprofit community organizations throughout our service area. We invite you to let nonprofit health care organizations in your area know that these grants are available and are awarded on a semi-annual basis. PFMC advocates for both physicians and patients by keeping physicians in medical practice and helping to provide better care for all patients in our communities.

Grant Proposals

The Pacific Foundation for Medical Care (PFMC) will consider requests for grants for the purpose of supporting projects that will enhance the availability or quality of health services for the people of the counties that PFMC serves. Evaluation of the merit of projects, prioritization, and value setting and duration of support deemed worthwhile will be the exclusive decision of the grant committee and the Trustees of the Foundation.

Periodically the Trustees will evaluate the guidelines for awarding grants and the application procedures to assure that they are timely and support the needs of the community. PFMC acknowledges its limitations, and that philanthropy alone cannot solve the problems faced by our counties. Therefore, PFMC will endeavor to join in partnerships with various entities to address community needs and concerns. Priority will be given to projects that maximize the population served, and can show other sources of support, as well as adequate planning for continuation as a self-sustaining entity.

PFMC will consider all proposals submitted, and funding decisions will be based on listed criteria and availability of funding. All grants will be for one year subject to renewal. PFMC will consider grant renewals, but they will never be automatic. Adequate analysis and reporting of results will be expected. Long-term operating support for organizations is unlikely.

 Grant Cycle and Deadlines

It is the intent of the PFMC Board that grants will be awarded twice per year. Therefore grant proposals will be due by April 2 and October 1 for each grant cycle. The proposals will be reviewed by staff and presented to the grant committee prior to the June and December board meetings, where the final funding decisions will be made. It is understood that funding decisions may be deferred by the board if further information is necessary.

Grant Application

To apply for a PFMC grant, click the button below to download an application form.

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Current Grants

Pacific Foundation for Medical Care supports non-profit, health related projects that enhance the availability or quality of health services in communities. Since 1993, PFMC has provided more than $1.8 million in grant awards to 78 different organizations and programs in the North San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego County.


In Fall 2015, PFMC awarded a total of $48,000 to the following recipients:

Center for Well-Being – Sonoma County
To expand the Diabetes Wellness program to address diabetes self-management for low income seniors and monolingual Spanish speakers.

North County Health Services – San Diego County
To provide a “treatment pool” of funds for patients who cannot afford needed healthcare or medications for their chronic conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes.

SCMAA Health Career Scholarship – Sonoma County
Challenge grant toward scholarships for students pursuing an education in a health related field.

Social Advocates for Youth – Sonoma County
To continue the capacity of bilingual intake and resource referral in the Counseling department that serves children, youth and young adults ages 5-25.

United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay – Sonoma County
To provide scholarships for low-income families so their children can attend camp and they can increase the program to six weeks with six teachers.

In Spring 2015, PFMC awarded a total of $48,000 to the following recipients:

iDo26.2 Program
To support a program to enable and encourage regular physical activity to help with obesity prevention and related disease prevention in youth and their families.

Jewish Community Free Clinic
To support six weekly clinics with an all-volunteer staff that provides free medical care and social services to any uninsured person in need.

Operation Access
To support work to provide donated surgeries, specialty care and diagnostic screenings to the uninsured in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Solano and Sonoma counties.

San Diego County Medical Society Foundation
For support of Project Access operational costs. PASD provides donated specialty care consultations and surgeries to uninsured adults in San Diego County.

Sonoma County Regional Parks
To help fund a part-time bilingual naturalist to lead local park hikes and other bilingual outings. Also promote Healthy Parks, Healthy People programs for Latino residents and seniors in Sonoma County to introduce them to the benefits of outdoor fitness and improve their health.

United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay
To fund the purchase of adaptive therapeutic equipment, sage for Sage Therapy and provide scholarships for low-income families so their children can attend camp.