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The PFMC Network

Lease the PFMC Network

Health plans and self-insured employers have one thing in common: they both need large, economical provider networks that can supply medical care to their members or employees. For their part, members and employees want unrestricted access to physicians and medical facilities.

PFMC can satisfy all these demands. We offer one of the most extensive provider networks in our service area. We are also part of one of the largest networks in California, the California Foundation for Medical Care, with more than 35,000 doctors and hospitals throughout the state. But that’s not all. Because of our favorable contracts, we can offer high-quality services at reduced rates.

We lease three types of networks. The most popular is our preferred provider organization, or PPO. This network, which includes all PFMC members, gives consumers a maximum choice of providers. We also have a money-saving exclusive provider organization (EPO). Consumers in this network receive a greater benefit by using EPO providers. Finally, we maintain a worker’s compensation organization (WCO) for employees with work-related injuries.

To help protect its provider lists and rates, PFMC requires any payer who leases the network to include the PFMC logo or the California Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC) logo on its card. PFMC also prohibits payers from re-leasing the PFMC network to third parties.

The following lists show the payers who currently lease the PFMC and CFMC networks.

PFMC Payers

Affordable Benefit Administrators
American National Insurance Co.
Basic Plus
Business Health Services *
Cypress Benefit Administrators
Diversified Health Care Services *
Frank Gates Acclaim*
Hazelrigg Risk Management *
Medical Resource
PacMed Insurance Administrators *
Pegasus Risk Management *
Peregrine Medical Review, Inc *
Principal Mutual Life
Retrospect, Inc.
Retrospect, Inc. *
Redwood Health Services (RHS)
Safeco Life Insurance Co.
* workers’ compensation

CFMC Payers

Affordable Benefit Administrators
American National Insurance
Benefit Plus Administrators
Benefit Risk Management
Coastal TPA
Combined Benefit Administrators
Comparative Insurance Services, Inc
CompPartners *
Focus *
Group Marketing Services
HealthComp, Inc
Humboldt FMC
Kern FMC
Managed Benefit Administrators
Mennonite Mutual Aid
Pacific Maritime Association
Physicians Care of California
Select Benefit Administrators of America
Sierra Administration, Inc
Sierra Health & Life Insurance
True Choice USA
Trustmark Life
United Administrative Services
Zenith Administrators
* workers’ compensation